A Streetcar Named Desire – Spectacular!!!

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Release Date:
June 16, 2023
Kashyap Shangari, Bhavya Sharma, Salonie Patel, Sneh Ponkshe, Anil Mishra, Ankita Naravaneka, Anushree Shukla, Swagata Naik, Ishaan Bhatnagar , Sakshi Gopal
Drama , Theatre Act
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A Streetcar Named Desire – Spectacular!!!

Kashyap Shangari’s play A street Car Named Desire is truly an ode to old Bombay so much so that they will take you to the era of how much one use to make selling Mumbai’s famous wada pav-the street food. The play is well layered with varied emotions striking the right chord with its audience.

A Streetcar Named Desire is a play written by Tennessee Williams  and it is one of the classics old play well  adapted by Kashyap and Swagata for Indian Audience. Bombay theme ideation is by Jeff Goldberg.  It is an experience to witness the adaptation, the makers bring in  the right flavor with the its music and production.

The Director actor Kashyap Shangari plays Stanley who brings the house down with his great performance along with Bhavya Sharma playing stella, she is the heart of the play trying to bring in the right balance throughout the conflicts. Knowing what she loves, she comes as a strong woman who knows where  her heart is.

It is Salonie Patel who plays the Blanche Dubois’, the central character that brings the tornado in the happy space, her Hawa Hawai style evokes the right humor, comedy and drama. She brings in the right conviction with her sheer performance.

Other Actors in the play too are pitch perfect,  forming the right neighborhood adding more to the meat.

If you are in Mumbai and want to visit Bombay “A street car named Desire” is the play for you.

Playing today at The Royal Opera House Mumbai(June 24). Tickets available on Book my Show and at the venue too.

PK Verdict: Gold ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

PK Verdict
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