The Kerala Story – Indeed a Reality!!!

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Release Date:
May 5, 2023
Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, Siddhi Idnani, Vijay Krishna, Pranay Pachauri, Pranav Misshra
Drama , True Incidents
PK Verdict

The film is an eye opener and a shock that it is happening in free India. Watching the film and the claim that this is based on true incidents with lot of controversies going around, many calling the film to have the Fake agenda with their numbers of 32,000 stating them as a hyperbole. So much so that the director has been asked to prove his research. The point is, even if this is happening to one single Indian girl, it matters.
Hats off to the Director Sudipto Sen for walking the path full of thorns and dare to reflect and make its audience resonate with the pain is commendable. Salute to the makers for bringing in the cinema that matters.
The film making here may not be perfect. With all the limitations they may have had to bring this story alive on screen, they indeed shine.

The film has a soul in its story and it is well presented. Adah Sharma brings us the journey of Shalini to Fatima alive sending some shivers down the spine along with the other girls.
Kerala may be called God’s own Country but the onus to safeguard it lies within each one of us including Indian Government to curb not only these religious conversions but to discern well.
The Kerala Story indeed a reality we don’t want it to exists but it does. It takes guts to speak the truth to a Nation comprising billions in Population. The Kerala Story is a gutsy reality in the form of cinema you shouldn’t miss.
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PK Verdict: Gold

PK Verdict

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