#Angrezimedium – A good Comedy Class!!!

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Release Date:
March 20, 2020
Irrfan Khan, Radhika Madan, Deepak Dobriyal, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Pankaj Tripathi, Kiku Sharda, Ranvir Shorey
Comedy , Drama
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Angrezi medium – A good Comedy Class!!!

Homi Adjania brings in Angrezi Medium as a good comedy class that misses the soul of the predecessor yet succeeds to entertain in galore.

Hindi Medium was a fresh breeze sailing high on the problem and comedy was a byproduct. It had a genuine rush to deal with and was based on a true story too. Angrezi Medium is made up, the good thing is, it is made up well but doesn’t really touches the chord of education admission process the way Hindi Medium did. It sails high on comedy becoming a good comedy class where the writers leave no stone unturned to bring out a good laugh.

Hindi Medium had two writers Angrezi Medium has four and still the film misses the soul of the subject and enters into the pure comical zone where comedy overpowers the core giving you too many sidekicks that could have been avoided making the film more crispier than run of the mill one.

The film in the beginning moves really quick, from Champak’s puberty days till he becomes a father to a teenager is quite a journey giving us a essence of the strong father daughter equation coming up. It soon becomes sluggish in its execution with too much emphasis on the Ghasitaram legacy. The legacy has a key role to play in the film, agreed, but so much that the film is dipped into the comedy chashni of Ghasitaram and becomes too sweet to handle.

A Father Daughter relationship has a certain quirkiness and a certain likability, the attention they both bring together on screen is commendable. A girl who is just an average student works day in day out to score high to earn the scholarship at her own merit than finding shortcuts. The underlayer judge who lectures on righteousness, comes as a spinner to the story bringing out a great stage performance by Irrfan Khan not knowing the damage the righteousness will ring into.

Irrfan Khan is superlative and Deepak Dobriyal’s side kick is as impactful as it was in Tanu Weds Manu series. He is adorable. The duo together is hilarious to watch. Radhika Madan is into skin of character, so well and her versatility is best at its display. Her fiery confidence in Pataakha and a great vulnerability at display in Angrezi Medium showcases a great talent. Pankaj Tripathi as always is good but kind of came as a topping than integrated to the plot. Ranvir Shorey’s track too seem to high on footage throwing unnecessary screen time-consumption. Kareena Kapoor  sparks the screen and brings a certain demand to the plot and her charisma is ever growing. Dimple Kapadia too is great and well-integrated. Kiku Sharda is no different than what we see him on the television.

The film takes your intellect for a ride with an ease the way they enter-exit United Kingdom and slips into too many cinematic liberties than taking up challenges of bringing a ground level flavor. The way they enter the seat auction etc. are too made up.

The film has some great emotional moments and asks the right questions on children coming back to parents when they are fragile, how important freedom is, space is and to what extent and who decides the line. Brings in the right essence of leaving your attachments, conflicts to give your children the best, living in brotherhood. All this that could have echoed more strongly and sharply gets too distracted with too many comical layers. The music of the film especially the father daughter song Laadki is soulful.

Angrezi Medium could have been so much better. Nevertheless,  we recommend an entry to Angrezi Medium to witness the magic of performances and good entertainment where Irrfan Khan toplines all the flaws the film may have.

PK Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s


PK Verdict

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