Adipurush – Dull, Dark and Delusional.

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Release Date:
June 16, 2023
Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Sunny singh, Saif Ali Khan
PK Verdict

Adipurush – Dull, Dark and Delusional.

Utter Boring right from the disclaimer till the end credit “ A torture by Om Raut” that comes after 179 minutes of an era that is created by the delusional director. Makers here sell anything in the name of Ram.

Such a brilliant film Om Raut delivered as a debutant – Tanhaji, a film to cherish and this one is a pole apart coming from the same director – unbelievable. Seems even the sets here are not changed, same set and color theme what we saw in Tanhaji. Cinematically  Adipurush looks an an extended version with the same villain with a different name Raavan. Wonder why he was called Raavan when all the aliases were changed to Raghav, Janki and Bajrang. In the name of creative liberties, you get to witness the utter laziness of the team here. When the captain of the ship himself is geared to sabotage the rest of the cast or team is not to be blamed. Thank fully music is a plus not because it is original, because these are the Bhajans recreated still glad to see they are well created. But are they well integrated? No. The half star the review has earned is only for the music.

Om Raut’s Adipurush is not just poor in the making, its poor in its sets, VFX, Performance, and above all writing too. Can’t imagine Bajrang aka Hanuman speaking in today’s slang. His tail is set of fire and Hanuman is asked “Jali na”? I mean literally these are the words, and in reciprocation Hanuman says “ab Jalegi”. I don’t want to mention their further exchange. It is gross.  It doesn’t end here there is more and countless such dialogues that are gibberish. There is a scene where Hanuman and Laxman exchange wattsapp puzzles. The film gets unintentionally funny with many scenes and Saif Ali Khan has a walk that Sanjay Dutt portrays in Khanayak. Wonder what went wrong with their dynamics, at times Saif is portrayed in the Magnum size of Gulliver and Ram is showcased as Lilliput. Don’t know what creative aptitude is used here. Hanuman is shown way too low on confidence. I feel sorry for the cast as they played prominent roles with poor writing where none of them stands out not even their created Raghav. Prabhas, Kriti, Sunny Singh or Saif none of them stand out in their performance blame here is the writing.

From the teaser we weren’t having many hopes, we thought the delay in release date may do some good, some recreation, nothing changed though. Trailer looked promising and when they released a final trailer a week prior to the release, that was a Big warning in itself that nothing has changed. Today seeing the film, my religious sentiments are not hurt but cinematic sentiments – yes as this is not the story we don’t know. This is an Indian Epic that deserved much better than what it is. All it needed was a good director representing it in a much better way.

This review is your Laxman Rekha to keep yourself safe from the torture Adipurush has been.

PK Verdict: Half Star – Super Duper Tin.

PK Verdict
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