Ashwini Iyer Tiwari Interview

Through Panga I want to show that can we take a step back and solve out our problems and walk hand in hand. – Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari

Interviewer: Kangana Kangana made her debut in 2006 and you made your debut 10 years later in 2016 so naturally there would have been a fan moment, when was the first time you registered Kangana.

Ashwini: Obviously the first time I noticed Kangana was Queen because I could never forget the scene where she is seen crying and shouting “Mein Barbaad ho Gayi” but I also noticed her in Fashion. I’ve always noticed her, but I never recognised her cause kangana is such a chameleon that she just fits into the character she is playing that it’s hard to recognise. cause there were drastic changes from Fashion to Queen.

Interviewer: From an audience perspective what would be your favourite film of hers?

Ashwiny: Queen and Tannu Weds Manu 2.

Interviewer: April 14, 2018 was that the first time you met her?

Ashwiny: Yes, that was the first time we met officially as earlier we had only met couple of times at screenings.

Interviewer: When you get home is there like a clash of titans in your home cause your husband is a director too?

Ashwiny: Not at all, we are two People without any ego, once we get home we are parents to our children and husband and wife but we are also creators so it is totally fine for us to share ideas and if one doesn’t like any idea we just tell  each other and move on.

Interviewer: All your characters in the movies have a very emotional bond with the audience, where does that come from?

Ashwiny: It’s from what I’ve seen, I like reading psychology books and I think if I wasn’t in this field I would be an anthropologist or a psychologist, I like reading people, understanding the human psyche rather than just being judgemental about them that’s why I guess me and kangana got along well cause I never judged her, I wanted to understand her and naturally when someone has gone through so much there is a shield guarding them but then you have to assure them that you are here to understand them and not judge them and move things forward.

Interviewer: Your next movie is on Infosys Founders, so what is the process once an idea germinates you, how does it cultivate?

Ashwiny: It is the heart, it just comes like a feeling like the story came to fox star to make something on kabaddi but I wanted to inculcate something more emotional and at the same time speak on kabaddi so I wanted to show that in today’s world how everything is moving away with increased communication, everything happens on text, breakups and love both happen on text that people don’t even talk anymore. It’s not just about getting up, doing the chores, going to work, coming back watching TV and sleeping. It’s about conversing and talking to them, taking a step back and figuring out whether you love someone and if yes are we ready to work on it, and through Panga I want to show that can we take a step back and solve out our problems and walk hand in hand.

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