Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya –  An Entertainment Treat!!! PK Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s

watch trailer of Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya –  An Entertainment Treat!!! PK Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
February 9, 2024
Shahid Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, Dimple Kapadia, Dharmendra, Rakesh Bedi, Anubha Fatehpuria, Ashish Verma, Rajesh Kumar, Grusha Kapoor
Drama , Entertainment , Family , Fantasy , Romance , Sci-Fi
PK Verdict

Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya –  An Entertainment Treat!!!

Amit Joshi and Aradhana Sah, in their directorial debuts win hearts giving us a robotic entertainer with a soul. Their writing is sleek and quick, diving you right into the subject with their opening scene . Kriti Sanon as SIFRA is more than “Thik Hai” and gives us her one of the memorable performances keeping us entertained throughout. Shahid Kapoor is a gem and it was fun witnessing him in a role that lets him loose, sing and dance. The actor is a fantastic with his moves be it comedy, tragedy, action or dance. He does it all with panache. Teri Baaton mein Aisa Uljha Jiya is an entertainment treat this February.

Directors make an impossible love story work possible for the Indian audience giving them love more than science, keeping you entertained than the jargon behind the robotics. They make it look authentic and who better than Dimple Kapadia with the right command to make you believe on the ongoing screen story with conviction. She is a woman with mission and comes as strong supporting role with substance here than what we saw her in Pathan. She doesn’t bore here . Thanks to the writing that they could spin off the impossible love story possible.

The film has an ensemble support cast, Dharmendra is the senior spine of the family and has a brilliant screen presence bringing a good vintage value to the film making it a wholesome family entertainer. It is good to see Rakesh Bedi too coming on a big screen, he is the actor to rely, paired opposite Anubha Fatehpuria who plays mother to Shahid has a good screen presence and performs her role well of a mother who is constantly looking for an alliance for Shahid to marry like any other mother. Rajesh Kumar , Roshesh of Sarabhai fame,  has always been fun, he has couple of punch lines here yet his screen presence is strong enough to bring you a smile.Ashish Verma too pairs well along with Shahid Kapoor as his best friend and has a few scenes with his good comic timing are fun to watch.

The film has brilliant music score,  already many of them are chartbusters, so much so that the title of the film itself comes from a song, but they don’t disappoint. In fact, the background score of title song plays a key role to keep the vibe consistent throughout the film, maintaining the tempo of entertainment throughout. Shahid essays the role of Aryan and is in the skin of the character, giving his fans what they love the most. It is after a while that we get to see him in a lighter role, he has a great chemistry with SIFRA essayed by Kriti Sanon who is in the skin of a Robot but what an Act she puts up, full marks to her performing this brilliant. She does brings the house down in couple of scenes making you roll laughing out loud. SIFRA could have been a role walking on a tighter rope, it is the writing and her acting that her walk on a rope looks a cake walk and Kriti delivers her yet another best performance.

The film as entertainer comes real clean, they succeed to entertain you almost throughout. However, when it comes to give a closure they leave you at cliff-hanger like they do to the Agnihotri’s, the climax comes as a bit abrupt. However, when you know you are signing up for a robotic love story, this disturbance is to be taken just at the pinch of salt, and yes they sugar up with a celeb cameo that is good and refreshing to watch giving you more before you leave.

An impossible love story primarily works for the chemistry between the two actors who bring their best and keep us entertained throughout. As I said earlier, Teri Baaton mein Aisa Uljha Jiya is an entertainment treat this February. Go watch at a cinema near you.

PK Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s

PK Verdict
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