#FARREY – Scores High!!!

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Release Date:
November 24, 2023
Alizeh Agnihotri, Ronit Bose Roy, Juhi Babbar, Sahil Mehta, Prasanna Bisht, Zeyn Shawmore
Drama , Entertainment , True Incidents
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#FARREY – Scores High!!!

Farrey is a slang used in colleges, these are small chits of paper with answers that students sneak into exam halls helping them score big. The celluloid Farrey Scores High too with its stellar performances, brilliant storyline, and great direction, all without cheating with their sheer interest in the subject, the writing shines.

Inspired by true events this one is a film well made. Coming from the Director Soumendra Padhi who gave us Jamtara with a single ⟨₹⟩ brings us Farrey with double ⟨₹⟩. Writing is the magic here; He along with Abhishek Yadav brings us a story that is well intertwined with the complexes youth goes through be it in their academics or Socioeconomic status. All topped up with entertainment and thrills keeping you engaged throughout without letting you lose to scroll over your phone.

Time Infinite, if an object passes through the earth, Earth pulls it closer due to its gravitational force and this object then revolves around the earth till time infinite. Basic law of physics well explained in one of the scenes by the protagonist Niyati essayed by Alizeh. Similarly, the power of ⟨₹⟩ hovers the mind and clouds the conscience allowing one to lose the ability to discern, nothing drives one the way Rupee does⟨₹⟩. Farrey succeeds to play this law of physics well; bringing us to a junction where we must discern what our path must be; giving us thoughts to ponder coming from the school principal what could be earned; must not be stolen. Giving away the right values through the medium without being preachy is where Farrey scores high.

We move into the world of Farrey through Niyati, character name well christened; the protagonist played by Alizeh Agnihotri, brought up in an orphanage led by Ronit Bose Roy essaying her Father Figure, indeed a father as story represents. Ronit Bose Roy is one such actor who brings in the right conviction with each character he plays, be it a positive, negative, or grey he wears each hat brilliantly. It is these characters that make Farrey worthy a watch. Juhi Babber too brings in the required grace. The journey of Niyati from an orphanage to a Top-Class school, the changing dynamics, and an urge to grow and experience the luxuries money can bring in; is the discernment she needs to make. Niyati though gets seeped into it, yet she comes out brilliantly with her conscience bringing the story to a good, closed loop. Farrey has a great support cast that performs. Each one is convincing in their parts, Prasanna Bisht and Zeyn Shaw are impressive in their shades of being a brat and reflect their entitlements with panache. Sahil Mehta leaves an impression yet again and is an actor who dares to do it all. Such vulnerability in his character and his sheer performance keeps you engaged in the world of Aakash, he mostly stands alone and tall. His mettle performance becomes the pillar of twists and drama Farrey holds.

The plot about children getting into a scam of helping other students score high with such technicalities and details is what defines Farrey. Inspired from true events, the film holds you high on interest. Moreover, with such great performances Farrey becomes a must watch for the youth it has, delivering such believable performances.

However, what Farrey lacks is a good closure on too many loose ends bringing your focus only on the journey of Niyati and Aakash to an extent. Leaving you incomplete to what happens with the brats or the scam. A great climax would have been a cheery on the cake.

Farrey still score high. Do watch!!!

PK Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s

PK Verdict
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