#SUPER30 – Indeed Super!!! PK Verdict: GOLD****

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Release Date:
July 12, 2019
Hrithik Roshan, Mrunal Thakur, Pankaj Tripathi, Nandish Singh, Amit Sadh
PK Verdict

Vikas Bahl succeeds to give a soul to his craft; bringing the best out of Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik Performs playing a Super Hero in a true sense. Hrithik’s performance as Anand Kumar shines making one of His career’s best till date.

Super 30 is a biography based on Mathematician Anand Kumar and his education program “Super 30”. The film comes out to be as motivating, inspiring and moving as Anand Kumar’s story is. Sanjeev Dutta’s writing, Vikas Bahl’s direction, Ajay Atul’s background score and Anay Goswamy’s cinematography makes Super 30 a powerful watch toplined by performances of Virendra Saxena as Hrithik’s father and Pankaj Tripathi as Education Minister along with the super 30 children.

Hrithik is in the skin of the character as Anand; his mannerisms, his dialect and accent too are quite convincing than what it seemed otherwise in the trailers.

Trailer didn’t give the positive vibe; but one has to live this character on big screen at length to understand the depth at which Hrithik acts making his career’s best performance. He is heart-warming as professor Anand, son of a postman played by Virendra Saxena.
Virendra Saxena has a little role but from frame one he steals our heart; that’s the magic of the content presentation. His brief role echoes a lot and he come as an emotional spine of the film in the first half. Anand is quite intelligent at Maths and succeeds to get an admission at Cambridge but due to financial conditions and lack of help he is unable to pursue.

Super 30 would have never emerged if he would have been able to study at Cambridge. Anand’s journey would have been different. But he is the chosen one the Numero Uno to shape other’s destiny. Life had some other plans for him that is what we unveil in this cinematic biography. The rise of Super 30.

The film touches the right emotional chord with the right amount of light family moments brining genuine smiles on our faces. It carries itself well on the intense emotions, thoughtful moments with the Mahabharata’s context. Making us feel what is ethically right. Most importantly the story moves us; the selfless motive and giving away everything to serve humankind selflessly is what makes Super 30 a super film a must watch film.

Glad to see Hrithik Roshan back in form.

PK Verdict: Gold****

PK Verdict

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