#Bharat – An emotion called NATION!!! PK Verdict: Gold****

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Release Date:
June 5, 2019
Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif
PK Verdict

Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat comes as a great emotion called “India”.

Salman Khan does what he is best at entertains and delivers one of his best performance till date in and as Bharat. Bharat is an ode to his journey as an actor and will stand as one of his best acts in his filmography.

Ali Abbas Zafar and Salman Khan together hit the boundary with #Bharat. Ali brings one of the best acts out of Salman Khan after Sultan. Bharat comes as a wholesome family entertainer with deep values and great emotions. Salman Khan exceeds the expectations and delivers his best. His journey begins in a film as a trip down the memory lane. Though the six looks are just uniformed looks and more or less he looks same across the film minus the Disha Patani phase. He looks at his best with Disha Patani and the song Slow Motion is a Visual Treat with so much on canvas that you don’t even wanna blink from the screen forget swiping the phone. The film engages you with the layers of emotion. After the Disha Patani phase comes Katrina Kaif phase; this is that time of the year where Bharat is looking for job offers from employment exchange. Sunil Grover who plays Vilayti his childhood friend has a great camaraderie with Bharat; giving one strong friendship goals. The duo is on the job hunt and what tops their togetherness is the humor that continues to tickle your funny bones.

Few years pass from one phase of job they are on the other phase of job meeting family goals and facing challenges on the jobs. Though the film continues to entertain and gets into the era where two legends were born. Bharat gives you the SRK “Darr” laughter on big screen yet again along with a “Sachin!!! Sachin!!!” anthem followed by the finance minister then Dr. Manmohan Singh who plays a game changer in the Indian economy. This is where the story gets it direction which so far was just an entertaining journey. In spite of the story lacking direction, it delivers great emotional moments, thoughtful moments and makes you cheer for Bharat. Be it Salman’s monologue that fetches him applauds or be it the National Anthem that moves audiences to the standing ovation. The film succeeds to hit the right chord with the audience and at times one needs to enjoy the journey than the destination.

The film is toplined with some great cast including Kumud Mishra, Sonali Kulkarni, Satish Kaushik and Tabu with little to do roles yet impactful ones. The film also has great music by Vishal Shekar along with Julius’s great background score. Sunil Grover compliments Salman Khan very well. And at the end; the moment India is waiting for; no not the Shirtless Salman Khan. To see Salman Khan get in to the wedlock; that too happens.

It is Salman Khan to whom the Bharat belongs and now it belongs to us.

Go for it!!!

PK Verdict: Gold ****

PK Verdict

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