#LukaChuppi – Almost Hilarious!!! PK Verdict: Silver***

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Release Date:
March 1, 2019
Comedy , Entertainment
PK Verdict

Laxman Utekar’s Luka Chuppi is a decent rib-tickler if not an absolute hilarious. It plays hide and seek with its own plot and doesn’t really let you lose in the second half after winning over you in the first half with a great “Hum Aapke Hain Koun” Moment. One of the high points of the film is the “HAHK” song.

The director succeeds to make you part of the Luka Chuppi world as soon as it begins, and you are in the plot. A small-town where a film Star is written-off for his “cool” factor and political vandalism is at display. Vinay Pathak heads this vandalism politically hailing the Hinduism flag punishing couples who are seen together outside wed-lock. Vinay Pathak plays his character with a strong wit and brings the house down be it his fear or laughter’s.
Kriti Sanon plays his daughter Rashmi. Kartik plays Guddu a news reporter at a local news channel. The ambitious Rashmi joins the new channel as an intern accompanying Guddu and the internship becomes eternal. Together they do bring the screen on fire with their great chemistry with the half-baked writing in the second half. It is indeed their chemistry and the rest of the cast that makes this regressive comedy a progressive watch.

Guddu proposes Rashmi and Rashmi proposes live-in. Offer coming from the daughter of the person who can kill couple who could be killed seen together outside of wedlock is what makes their live-in interesting and the way it unfolds in the second half is where the writer Ram Shankar’s graph goes down.
Aparshakti Khurrana as Abbas plays Guddu’s cameraman and trio together has some great scenes. Pankaj Tripathi is an actor that can’t go wrong. So far, we have seen him doing comedy in delicacy this time he goes loud be it with his wit or his appearance. His character still could have been far better. He leaves you craving for more and his appearance is minimal and unimpressive.

The film is entertaining and conveys a lot without being preachy, be it gender equality, misogyny, highlight of the film is “Live-In” and it is loud enough from frame one and how. Well watch it for its treatment that gives you some great moments, some great laughs. The film may not be as hilarious as you may expect. However, their chemistry makes it worth a watch. Kartik and Kriti doesn’t leave you disappointed.

PK Verdict: Silver***

PK Verdict

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