#Dabanng3 – Nothing lies within. PK Verdict: Tin**

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Release Date:
December 20, 2019
Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Kiccha Sudeep
Action , Entertainment
PK Verdict

Dabanng3 is a story written by Salman Khan as far as credit rolls on the screen.

A man with a golden heart striking a boundary (100cr) at least at box office each time, has set the bar of expectations real high irrespective of what lies within. Does Dabanng3 offers what it should? Answer is “Nothing lies within” but Salman Khan. If you enjoy watching Salman Khan on-screen, this one becomes strictly limited to his fans.

The film offers nothing, but Salman Khan and such films have got him only into the loop of repetitions that gets monotonous, boring and everything seems enforced so much so that dead people are back. With due respect for Vinod Khanna who has played Father to Chulbul Pandey was one of the most likeable screen father in Dabanng who now returns as a caricaturist duplicate of such a great persona. 

The film has Sonakshi Sinha and Saiee Manjrekar, last name says it all. A 18 year old girl and Chulbul definitely doesn’t look a match forget perfect match has tried to create a tragic love story, a film in itself until the interval with a slo-mo climax, slo-mo dialogues, slo-mo movements and a slo-mo movie so much that when you return from the interval that scene still goes on. 

Kichha Sudeep, may have great screen presence plays main villain here who has only a guest appearance length role prior to the interval and special appearance post the interval. Seems like a great performance couldn’t even debut well; it was just the trailer for Kiccha Sudeep. 

The film is terribly edited rolling back and forth with no consistency whatsoever. Makhi has still not grown and neither their relationship. On the top of torture, you are bombarded with songs that are not so great until unless Salman Khan shakes his booty that has gone loose too in the recent times. 

Dabanng3 comes as a prequel that falls so flat it makes one wonder if you are in past or present. One thing you know is you don’t want any more Dabanng4’s coming in the future. 

PK Verdict: Tin**

PK Verdict

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