#TanhajiThe Unsung Warrior – The Lion Relives!!! PK Verdict: Gold Plus 4.5*s

watch trailer of #TanhajiThe Unsung Warrior – The Lion Relives!!! PK Verdict: Gold Plus 4.5*s Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
January 10, 2020
Ajay Devgan, Saif Ali Khan, Kajol
PK Verdict

#Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior – The Lion Relives!!!

The Director Om Raut gives a brilliant vision an amazing execution creating the magic on screen making you live the battle. He succeeds to captivate you with the great tech support of VFX and 3D visuals that you almost end up being part of the battle. Tanhaji is that engaging. The last 40 minutes of the film will not let you blink your eyes; absolutely stunning and remaining minutes of the film is no less impressive.

Bollywood of 2020 will ring in its first 100cr century or may be a double century  with a bang. That is the confidence level with the kind of content we see in the film. From the trailers itself we predicted Tanhaji to be the Bollywood’s next big thing. Technically the film is at par excellence along with the cast it has; Tanhaji is picture perfect.

Kajol & Sharad Kelkar may have less screen time but when they emote, they absorb you in the narrative, making you live the emotion. Sharad Kelkar as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj will give you goose bumps with his sheer presence. They both may be less on screen, but they are omnipresent in the film. Their presence is felt throughout that’s the power of storytelling and Sharad’s look and posture, you almost witness Chhatrapati Shivaji coming alive. Perfection at its best. You crave to see more of him in the film. Kajol in the climax gives a picture-perfect full stop to the plot. The way she walks gives film a wonderful grace bringing the curtains down of the film leaving you with a great experience.

The film has a great music and the background score elevates the film and sets the right tone. Dialogues and one liners add a great thump and background score during war scenes, Ghamand Kar add a lot to the overall experience. Cinematography is terrific too and action, absolutely mind blowing, specially the last forty minutes of the film, you can’t take your eyes off screen.

It is Saif Ali Khan and Ajay Devgn who are top notch and terrific in their performances, making Tanhaji a great Epic to watch on Big Screen. Saif Ali Khan is terrific at his menace act, his body language, his mannerisms are simply mesmerizing with great dialogue delivery. He as Udaybhan Rathod is absolutely fun to watch. Saif looks so comfortable in the skin of Udaybhan that you love to hate him. That’s the magic of writing and storytelling.

Ajay Devgn who plays the titular role absolutely captivates you like never before as Tanhaji and delivers his best performance till date. From his introductory scene in the film till his last scene, he is simply brilliant and at ease.

The ease we see on screen has definitely by far comes from lot of effort and vision at the backend. Ajay Devgn as an actor and the producer of the film ensures audience gets what they should expect from a periodic drama. There is no “sultiya” there.

Om Raut unsung director of Bollywood would be highly celebrated with Tanhaji soon.

He makes The Lion Relive.

Tanhaji Your ticket to History. Go for it.

PK Verdict: Gold Plus 4.5*s

PK Verdict

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