Srikanth – Heart-Warming!!! PK Verdict: Gold⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

watch trailer of Srikanth – Heart-Warming!!! PK Verdict: Gold⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
May 10, 2024
Rajkummar Rao, Jyotika, Sharad Kelkar, Alaya F, Jameel Khan
Biopic , Comedy , Drama , Entertainment , Family , Motivational , True Incidents
PK Verdict

Srikanth – Heart-Warming!!!

Rajkumar Rao as Srikanth, absolutely steals the show with his sheer performance making Srikanth a heart-warming experience, giving goosebumps at the same time. The Director Tushar Hiranandani has the films heart in the right place and Srikanth’s real-life journey is a living soul, full of life force, that he integrates it well. Bringing us a life to celebrate, a film to celebrate. Making India Proud again for its never-ending spirit, cheers to the makers for bringing such stories on celluloid with the reckoning force to spark the souls.

The journey of Srikanth Bolla truly makes the word Impossible to I M Possible. There is nothing that stops him from becoming One, the one he wants to be. Happiness is a choice and how he chooses to “Not being deprived” being blind, he truly defines what living spirit is. Vision is merely a perception and how he becomes the Change he wants to see. Truly inspirational from a nobody to a Symbol of inspiration, a Vision. Srikanth Bolla continues to win hearts and so does Rajkummar Rao essaying his role brilliantly. Director Tushar Hiranandani through his lens showcases us the nuances of his life, taking us to the nostalgic journey of 90’s with the song “Papa Kehte Hai” resonating not just with the times but with the story so well, simply indulging you to the theme of the movie brilliantly; arriving at regular intervals give more meat to the story.

Srikanth, differently abled child is much able to change his fortune, the name itself means the Lover of wealth, Fortune, Respect, Esteem, Wisdom, Light. A soul that manifests its name to reality.  He never gives up his path to education, his teacher Devika essayed by Jyotika brings ethos to the life of Srikanth. Keeping his vision on the right path. Ravi his Investor, essayed by Sharad Kelkar, someone who never ever disappoints, he once again performs his character with panache. Bringing in so much grace and stillness the situation demands, being that pillar of support and being rubbed wrong, hurts and how Sharad Kelkar showcases these attributes on screen is the honesty to one’s craft, a perfect cast in place only makes this journey complete. Alaya F too who plays his love interest brings a lot with her minimal role. She brings in the right essence of being loved, cared, helping Srikanth navigate his path than being his path.

To err is human, so natural for human to make mistakes and Srikanth is no less than a human. What clouds his vision and who helps him clear these clouds is also what we see in his success journey. To be surrounded by right people is important and the way he echoes this with his award speech, is something to look out for. Overcoming his ego brilliantly, writers Jagdeep Siddhu and Sumit Purohit absolutely win hearts over giving him best lines that are almost conscious awakening.

Srikanth amuses with his wit, humor and never dying spirit. His comfort in communication is the key, he sees no fear in communicating his ambitions than be it to the president of India or becoming one. Srikanth is a Livewire of Inspiration and yet Heart-warming film experience. Not to be missed.

PK Verdict: Gold ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

PK Verdict

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