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Release Date:
January 24, 2020
Kangana Ranaut, Yagya Bhasin, Jassie Gill, Neena Gupta
PK Verdict

#PANGA – Spark Within!!!

Ashwini Iyer Tiwari delivers a story that needs to be told and how is what makes Panga a delightful watch. Kangana Ranaut ignites the right spark within to not let down your dreams plus it elevates one’s spirit for the bigger win than just being individualistic. Giving child a right food for thought to think what is important. Panga delivers what it promises to change the perspective from negative to positive. Taking Panga only lets you see surpassing your own self  than not taking Panga and succumbing to the situation. Go watch one and take one.

Jaya Nigam will sway your heart from scene one with her kick-the-ass performance ensuring you sport a smile for most of the time in this sports drama that is driven by the spine of the family. Yagya Bhasin as Adi who plays son to Jaya & Prashant, he is the one who ignites the spark within Jaya giving her a much-needed inertia to make a comeback where age is just the number. The narrative is simple but fun. The film has lines that gives you goose-bumps at many  instances where relativity is high, and you forget the flaws the film may have, or you may have. When Jaya speaks about her happiness seeing the husband, the child and her own self, she lets you introspect, that’s the magic of powerful cinema, magic of writing and magic of the artist delivering. Jaya makes you think, the person whom we all love the most “Mother” has own aspirations too that makes her happy, most of the times which are not seen, felt or spoken as they are well layered in her shower of love for us that doesn’t let one think. Panga is that film that puts you in the spot and makes you think. Panga is that film that will push mothers to find their happiness and pursue it too, without feeling guilty or selfish and cherish their happiness. Panga is that one film that will make husbands extend their support to their wives. Panga is also a film that showcases that the best coach of life you can have is in friends. Richa Chhada Meenu plays a significant role as a friend to Jaya, reflecting her the right mirror, helping her do the right thing being a coach without being one.

Kangana Ranaut essays Jaya Nigam without any effort and at such ease that you relate with her at absolute. Be it her vulnerability or be it her strength. She puts in a lot of effort to make this all look at ease. Her performance is yet again a key thing that makes Panga resonate so much be it reel or real, she triumphs victorious. She along with Yagya Bhasin and Jassie Gill makes you feel at home, such are the nuances of Ashwini’s story telling. Their conversations amongst themselves are so crisp, regular and real that it immediately binds you with them than be it the Grand Mother essayed by Neena Gupta. Ashwini keeps everything subtle not letting anybody go over the top and that’s her USP, letting the story triumph by itself.


Yagya Bhasin though a debutant but knows his craft well at this tender age, be it expressions, dialogue delivery or screen presence. Subtle yet terrific. Well-trained child artist. It is indeed the magic of the director keeping everything so intact. The film has some great music too that integrates and takes the story forward. Shankar Ehsaan Loy the trio succeed to elevate the soul of the film. Jay Patel’s cinematography is simple yet brilliant. Children always have fascination with the train world. They showcase train yards layered so well with the narrative giving you the picture-perfect feel.

The film more than a sports drama is a story of a family, story of Jaya Nigam through Adi’s perspective, as Mother is seen through the eyes of her children. We all had that moment in our lives when we have told our mothers “you don’t love me”. Panga makes you experience these moments; Kabaddi being just the key to the matter. We cannot go and correct that, but we can love more, respect more. Coz a child we never know the sacrifices gone behind those smiles.


Panga is indeed a film where Kangana delivers kick-ass performance even while she is asleep. Without being one she delivers one – Jaya Nigam a Mother.


PK Verdict: GOLD****

P.S. Do not miss the End Credits.

PK Verdict

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