FIGHTER – SPECTACULAR!!!  PK Verdict: Gold Plus 4.5🌟s

watch trailer of FIGHTER – SPECTACULAR!!!  PK Verdict: Gold Plus 4.5🌟s Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
January 25, 2024
Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, Anil Kapoor, Akshay Oberoi, Karan Singh Grover, Ashutosh Rana, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Talat Aziz, Rishabh Sawhney, Akarsh Algae
Action , Adventure , aerial combat , Drama
PK Verdict

FIGHTER –  So beautiful, so elegant just looking like a wow – SPECTACULAR!!!

Siddharth Anand does it and how!!! Fighter is the Mind-Blowing Film Experience, best in its genre and happy to see something so mainstream and yet so content oriented.

The Ensemble cast wins it all. Hrithik and Deepika are in the best form and so is Anil Kapoor who never puts his guard down when it comes to his performance. The Director here is the clear winner with his vision to give us the best Air Force Drama and succeeding in keeping us all at the edge of our seats throughout the film along with a story that has its heart in the right place. Fighter is the winner all the way.

Film begins with typical Mujahideen note with the same old jargon set in the Kashmir backdrop, talking about the never-ending quest for the freedom making you wonder if you are signing up for the yet another jingoistic film. Thankfully it doesn’t go much in that direction. The core conflict though remains the same emerging out of the Indo-Pak relations. The tit for tat continues. It is the director and the cast that keeps it class apart and top notch. The Director Siddharth Anand plays a key role in telling us a story that is captivating, engaging and wrapped in emotions that are human. Making Fighter not just another action film but heartwarming experience too.

The fresh pairing of Hrithik and Deepika works brilliant. They look spectacular in their uniform and aviators. Cherry on the top is their chemistry and the camaraderie they share. Deepika continues to win hearts with her deep eyes emoting right straight into your hearts. Hrithik Roshan – you have all eyes and ears on him when he speaks, performs, emotes, delivers one of his best performances in Fighter. He performs the character Patty with so panache  bringing the right vulnerability that you fall for him like never before in the recent past. The trio Anil Kapoor, Deepika and Hrithik have a thing in common here to emote through their eyes, that’s the best part coming from these stellar actors, from scene one when Anil Kapoor walks and you see the way Hrithik has been observed by him, Deepika observes Hrithik is telling you something, that does unfold ahead. But Deepika conveys her emotions through her eyes making you part of her journey giving you an immersive emotional experience is also where Fighter succeeds. The writing succeeds.

Writer-Director Siddharth Anand has penned it all well along with the Top-Class Direction. Co-written by Ramon. Fighter also has some brilliant one liners and dialogues are written by Hussain and Abbas Dalal. Some of the writing too does brings the house down. Fighter barring the Saif-Katrina Joke has no nonsense in it. There is one shayri in the film that encapsulates the soul of the Fighter “Duniya me mil jayenge aashiq kayi, par watan se hasi sanam nahi hota. Heero me simatkar, sone se lipatkar marte hain kayi, par tirange se khoobsurat kafan nahi hota”. Bringing in Hoots and cheers from the audiences loud and clear. What we saw in the trailer did look cliché but here when Hrithik starts the dialogue of Jai Hind the Nation Emotion epitomes like never before. Brilliantly written.

The duo Akshay Oberoi and Karan Singh Grover are in their best form too and doesn’t look out of the place or mere additions. They are well integrated as the support cast and serve their part with utter honesty. Sanjeeda Sheikh gives her best as a support cast. The film always keeps you hooked with their other cast as well. Ashutosh Rana in a limited role leaves a lasting impression, so does Talat Aziz adding gravitas to the small roles layered in the film. The antagonist Rishabh Sawhney is decent in his role. They all together enrich the Fighter experience.

The Vishal-Shekhar music is brilliant in the film, and all are well integrated in the film taking the story forward and sometimes skillfully integrating with the emotion of the film – Dil Banaane Waaleya, Heer Aasmani and Mitti are my favorites. Vande Mataram in Mitti captures the soul of the film. Besides the background score of the film plays a key role to keep you hooked at the edge of the seats with its action in play.

The film looks beautiful with their base set in Kashmir. The aerial shots with snow peaked mountains and wavering trees when fighter pilots sway through them is a visual experience you don’t want to miss. For all the cast it has, we can put it across the way Deepika Padukone puts it “So beautiful, so elegant just looking like a wow”. Mind blowing the Fighter experience has been. Go for the Imax Experience Now.

PK Verdict: Gold Plus 4.5🌟s

PK Verdict
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