The Investigator – Well Weaved!!! PK Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5⭐️s

watch trailer of The Investigator – Well Weaved!!! PK Verdict: Silver  Plus 3.5⭐️s Watch The Trailer
Kamil Shaikh, Rohit Kokate, Shonali Nagrani, Mehrin Saba
Festival Release
Crime , Drama , Physcological Thriller
PK Verdict

The Investigator – Well Weaved!!!

Kamil Shaikh’s directorial is an immersive phycological thriller. Impressive in its writing, the non-linear narrative keeps you hooked to the plot that is well-weaved leaving you well stimulated. In the realm of psychological murder thrillers, “The Investigator” stands as a gripping exploration of the intricate dance between the investigator and the prey, where the line between sanity and obsession blurs with chilling effect. And you think it is the duty of the investigator’s obsession of finding the truth. Think again, this is where the director succeeds to make you think again.

Titular role of The Investigator, Sameer, is played with intense gravitas by Kamil Shaikh as he delves into the murder investigation that defy conventional logic. What starts as a routine investigation quickly spirals into a labyrinth of twisted minds and dark secrets.

The film is an interesting take on the perspective of the investigator who is obsessed to find the cause of the death of the deceased, married to a businessman, while fighting its own demons. He is determined with his investigation to a level that he doesn’t listen to his seniors. The senior police inspector is about to retire and has a deadline to resolve the cases in hand before his D-day. In turn, putting the pressure to the Inspector investigating the case, Sameer. He tries his best to keep his facts and research in place but each time he is been discounted stating it’s just a theory and shutting the case terming as suicide and not murder. The theory indeed is well-weaved and has a lot of to and fro between the inspecting team and the Man in doubt. The director also gives the investigation a comic touch with some opera music too in its action, this at times tests your patience as it makes the film falter occasionally in its pacing, lingering too long on atmospheric shots.

It is the curiosity to know the facts that keeps you hooked till the end. The world revolves around the investigator, characterized by stark contrasts and unnerving close-ups at times, heightening the sense of unease, effectively mirroring Sameer’s descent into the abyss of his own obsessions.

Rohit Kokate essays the role of the businessman who is the Man in doubt, the prey. His body language is deceptive and writing here is magic to not let the beans spill. Inspector’s role too comes as a great support cast, he is in the skin of the character he plays, showcasing power and brings a unique shade to the film’s multifaceted narrative.

Kamil Shaikh writes, acts, and directs in his directorial debut. He skill-fully weaves a tapestry of suspense and intrigue, immersing us in a psychological maze where every clue unravels another layer, another perspective. He  delivers a nuanced portrayal of a detective haunted by demons both external and internal, capturing Sameer’s vulnerability and relentless determination with equal prowess.

“The investigator”  as a film is  haunting and thought-provoking journey into the depths of obsession and madness, showcasing the path where hidden depression or its denial can lead you to. It leaves us pondering the nature of evil long after the credits roll. What is love?

The film is in competition on the Indian language’s films segment of the Indo-German Film Festival 2024.

PK Verdict: Silver  Plus 3.5⭐️s

PK Verdict
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