The Archies – Picture Perfect!!! PK Verdict: Gold⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Release Date:
December 7, 2023
Agastya Nanda, Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor, Aditi Dot, Mihir Ahuja, Vedang Raina, Yuvraj Menda,
Comedy , Entertainment , Musical , Romance
PK Verdict

The Archies – Picture Perfect!!!

Zoya Akhtar’s conviction never goes wrong. Here she brings the galaxy of stars performing at par with such ease and ace. None of them look debutants, they perform brilliant and create a charisma keeping you glued to the screen humming along the plot. What a Pop-film The Archies is! Not to be missed. Wish this was a Big Screen affair.

Right from the first look, teaser to the trailer; The Archies was doubtful to strike the chord with its audience, primarily for its western look and bunch of kids who looked from the world probably so different. It is indeed the Zoya Factor that not only bridges the gap, but she also succeeds to make them land straight into the hearts with her sheer storytelling, giving us a brilliant Netflix Experience. Tudum!!!

The Archies brings us the kids from the industry of who’s who, the talent that’s in the genes is here to glitter, Suhana Khan, daughter of Shahrukh Khan essays the role of Veronica. Khushi Kapoor, daughter of Late Sridevi essays the role of Betty. Agastya Nanda, grandson of Amitabh Bachchan essays the role of Archie Andrews.  The rest of the main cast includes Aditi Dot, popularly known as Dot who plays Ethel, is the daughter of late Indian rock music star Amit Saigal; model Vedang Raina essaying the role of Reggie Mantle,  Influencer Yuvraj Menda plays Dilton and actor and Mihir Ahuja plays Jughead. This is the most promising cast that performs together at par to cherish the experience The Archies is.

Entire cast performs well, you do see the charisma of SRK in Suhana Khan, yet she has her own slaying charm, and this is just the tip of iceberg you get to see. She has it in her genes and there will be more to witness. A powerful actress is brewing and brewing well. Khushi Kapoor shines too in her role and brings in the right camaraderie with Suhana and Agastya. Agastya Nanda brings in the right Hero Charm, some of his lines would remind you of SRK, just that his is more English. Agastya Nanda is a dapper and is all over with his flamboyance. Vedang Raina, Mihir Ahuja, Aditi Dot, all are great in their roles. Yuvraj Menda too leaves a lasting impression showcasing his vulnerability when it comes to dare a game in truth and dare. Zoya Akhtar is the director who never misses to rope in the sensibilities her characters play, with so little they do convey a lot.

A lot of negativities was spread on the web when the cast of this film was revealed. People termed it as a launchpad project for star kids and many trolled it as the multiverse of nepotism. Everyone felt these are mimicking Indian teenagers as the teenage western whites from the 90’s, but all this will vanish soon when you see the magic of the film that unfolds now on Netflix. Rooted deep into the Indian perspective of storytelling, brilliantly adapted for the Indian audience. Moreover, its one of its kind for Indian audience, delivering to the young youth, The Archies is a brilliant Teen Musical comedy that delivers with panache.

The film is Set in 1964 in a fictional hill station called Riverdale in India, Green Park plays the central plot of interest and conflict apart from these bunch of kids navigating through their dreams, friendships, romance, and social responsibility. The teen magic is amazing, all the kids bring in the energy not seen before, putting their best foot forward. And when it is Zoya you know the cinematic canvas is going to be brilliant, picture-perfect frames. The look and feel so colorful, playful, and yes musical too. Each department excels in its form giving a best experience one can vouch for. The music is foot tapping, peppy and integrates well with the theme of the film or rather say the film rides on its musical notes well. Never getting derailed from the zest The Archies possesses. It’s a poetry in action.

PK Verdict: GOLD ⭐⭐⭐⭐

PK Verdict
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