Pullu Rising – Indeed a fall!!

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Hariprasad Gopinathan, Binu K. Prakash, Surjith ,Chithra Prasad
Festival Release
Action , Thriller
PK Verdict

Pullu Rising – Indeed a fall!!

Director Amal Noushad’s Pullu rising raises the bar of expectations with its opening credits and its opening sequence that gives you gist of conflict brilliantly defining the Devi, Madans, Vambams and their territories. Graphics are spectacular and storytelling awesome. Alas, this doesn’t last long. Soon after, when you get into the plot, the repetitive camera shots test your patience to where the film is heading, by the time you realize your patience is at test, the film gets over. Thanks to it shorter run time.

The film is set somewhere in the never ending fields of grass. It’s a maze once you are in, there is a tedious task to find yourself way out. Equally tedious to sit through this film at its shorter length too. Madans are the kings of Grass, knowing their way in and out. Vanbams on the other hand find the fields difficult to come out from, despite of ruling Madans since time eternal. The opening credits define the Madans, the Vambams and their growing conflict, how a forest turned into a village. There is a gang rape, victim Devi escapes and enters into a small hideout of a thief. The rapists are on a lookout for a girl, this is where the film gets frustrating as till the end, all one sees is they navigating through the fields of grass, sometime getting lost, sometimes being attempted to murder, at times hand combat just chasing each other without much of any head or a tail.

The film is in competition on the Indian language’s films segment of the Indo-German Film Festival 2024.

PK Verdict: Tin⭐️⭐️

PK Verdict
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