Munjya – Mast Yaa!!! PK Verdict: GOLD⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

watch trailer of Munjya – Mast Yaa!!! PK Verdict: GOLD⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
June 7, 2024
Suhasini joshi, Sharvari Wagh, Abhay Verma, Mona Singh, Sathyaraj
Comedy , Drama , Entertainment , Family , Horror
PK Verdict

Munjya – Mast Yaa!!!

Come to the theaters to experience what Bollywood brings you this weekend. Director Aditya Sarpotdar gives us a wholesome entertainer in the genre of horror comedy layered with folk tale and beautifully shot in the neighboring region Konkan. Lead actors Abhay Verma and Sharvari wagh are brilliant in their performances and take you through their journey with panache. The writing is magical that never lets you lose your interest till the end. So much so that ensure you leave the auditorium post the end credit song enjoying the additional perk.

Munjya is a story of a little boy called Gotya, who is deeply in love with Munni said to be seven years elder than him. The resistance of his family to this affair brings Gotya to a point where he in cults black magic. The events turn out in a different way than Gotya expected, this is where the journey of Munjya begins. The fun begins. Makers succeed to send us some shivers down the spine without failing to tickle our funny bones. The resemblance of the child artist and the creature created by the makers is full marks on VFX.

Director Amar Kaushik who has the right knack of mixing horror and comedy has given us Stree to relish and is set to bring us Stree 2. As the co producer of the film Munjya, he assures his craft to look forward to. His creative touch is very much visible and looking at his name you know what you are signing up for despite the less known cast. Ramsay’s were synonyms with Horror stories and soon Amar Kaushik will be known for horror comedies or say is already known for. The cast is brilliant including the senior cast of Aaji Suhasini Joshi who forms the emotional arc and holds a great screen presence giving gravitas to the story. Mona Singh as always dependable and adds another emotional arc. It is the Katappa actor from Bahubali, Sathyaraj who is fun to watch with his well-written witty character adding the comical arc. Besides there is Abhay Verma and Sharwari Wagh performing with ace.

Munjya is derived from the folklore belief from the Hindu Tradition. Yogesh Chandekar who has co-written Andhadhun and even brilliant Monica O my Darling, gives us a great story yet again. Niren Bhatt’s screenplay is brilliant well supported by Monisha’s crisp editing. Saurabh Goswami’s spectacular cinematography showcases Konkan as a picturesque backdrop. And Sachin-Jigars music is well integrated giving you the right beats of fears and laughter’s.  Besides the director Aditya never loses the sight of his direction from the viewers perspective giving us a wholesome entertainer. They all together make Munjya an immersive experience.

Munjya, is a love story of the unrequited love not the karan Johar way. It’s the Ramsay way, the Amar Kaushik way. A must take cinematic experience.

PK Verdict: GOLD⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

PK Verdict
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